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Hospitality School 2013

2013년 04월 10일 09:41

Province Hit:2023

This year, we held Hospitality School with two major themes.


One Day Seminar regarding History of the Order, presented by Bro. Brian O'Donnell. One Day Seminar was held in Gwangju (March 11th), Damyang(March 13th), Chuncheon(March 19th), and Seoul(March 21st).


Two Days Seminar was held from March 14th and 15th in Damyang Daegun Center.

* Charismatic Management, presented by Bro. Andrew Kim

* ation of Co-wokers, presented by Mrs. Kim Yon Hwa

* Logic Model, presented by Dr. Shu Yong Jin

* Charter of Hospitality, revised version, presented by Bro. Pius Chang.


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