Hospitaller Order of St. John of God, Korean Province

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“The present moment is the only time that you can control.
The most important person is the person you are
with now in front of you. The most important task is
to make the person in front of you happy.
This is the only task of Life."
said by Leo Tolstoy.

All the Brothers of St. John of God Order dedicate themselves in order to be with "people who are with us now" and accompany with them in their journey of love and their journey of happiness. We are providing services for our neighbor brothers and sisters who are suffering from illness and poverty according to our spirituality - hospitality.

In the history of 500 years of the Order, we have our senior brothers - St. Richardo Pampuri, St. John Grande, St. Benedict Menni, Blessed Braulio M. Corres & 70 Martyrs, Blessed Olallo Valdes, Blessed Eustace Kugler. All the Brothers of St. Deagun Province are striving to follow their minds of hospitality & passion of love.

The works cannot be achieved only by brothers. The reason that the Order have been continued in spite of hundreds of years, there have been co-workers and benefactors who have been together with brothers all the time. I affirm that the great legacy that our Order are proud of is 'co-workers' & 'benefactors.'

I hope all the visitors at our web-site of St. John of God Hospitaller Order encourage the spirit of Hospitality co-created by 'brothers', 'co-workers', and 'benefactors' with warm heart and I wish this web page can be the space of happiness where you can make good smiles.